What is your Birthstone?


estate jewelry
some of our Beautiful jewelry
amethyst pendent in gold
Pendant 120.99
 B gold ring
B hand made gold ring 149.99
white gold with pink flower ring
white gold ring 149.99

We carry a full line of fine jewelry; diamonds, gems, gold, silver, rings, chains, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  Our jewelry usually sells for around 40% to 60% of the normal new retail prices.  We have beautiful diamond wedding sets, gorgeous gem stone rings and stunning gold necklaces and bracelets.

We do jewelry cleaning on site and we can have jewelry repairs done at a minimal cost.

heart sapphires ring
gold and sapphire $129.95
Fire Agate with Diamonds
Fire Agate with Diamonds $599.99
white gold and ruby
white gold ruby ring 299.99
lapis necklace and earrings
lapis necklace and earrings
tag HAUER 699.99 with golfer band
Estate Antique diamond and emerald ring
Estate Antique diamond and emerald ring 1,900
diamond watch
Beautiful diamond watch $1,699.99
Come see our Furry friends
Antique ring
Antique ruby and pearl ring 399.99
Antique Jewelry
Antique pendents
Diamond Rings!
Diamond Rings!
Estate Antique Diamond rings
Antique Diamond rings
Wency would be disappointed if you didn't get to take advantage of our GREAT prices!!!!

The images below are examples of the jewelry that we carry at The Other Kind of Jewelry Store.  If you have any questions about our jewelry, please call, e-mail, or come by the store. 

Click on any image below for a full size image.

moon stone ring
Large moonstone ring 299.99
pearl and diamond earrings
pearl and diamond earrings $599.99
gold necklaces
gold heart necklaces
Big Beauriful Smokey topaz antique ring!

399.99 gold antique ring
399.99 gold antique ring
gold ring
14k 399.99 ring
gold ring green stone
only 299.99


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